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I am so ridiculously pleased with this gaming setup. It's been weeks of work (spraying the glass took days, lots of coats, and I work full time!), the cable management alone was two solid days of work.
Nice work nerd. :) Looks great.
I can say I am officially envious of this setup. Hope you got a comfy chair to complete all this. haha
I had one... But the faux leather covering is peeling off and getting everywhere. So that is the next thing I'll buy.
Maybe. I just converted an old bookcase into a game/movie/nerd junk shelf thing. Works ok. I just have way to many games and movies. I one of those people that don't trade in or sell any of my old games.
What I eventually want to do, when I move into a new place, is build a custom tv/console cabinet with shelves that take up most if not an entire wall. Have the tv in the center, the consoles and dvr and stuff underneath, and just shelves everywhere else. And I will worry about a better/bigger pc desk when I upgrade from my gaming laptop to a desktop.
Ah. Forgot to say something... The MW xbox is only because my brother was moving out and taking our xbox, so I needed one of my own. The MW3 xbox was available at the time, and came with a bigger harddrive and an extra controller for only $50 more.
I think I've seen that do you like it? How's it feel to play on glass?
I love it! It was the only desk I could find that had everything I wanted, only flaw was the clear glass (anal about wires)... Fortunately I've fixed that :)

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