1440 Monitors - Computer Setup


The monitor in back is like the kid who walks with his friends on the sidewalk but can't fit within the width of the sidewalk so he awkwardly follows from behind.
To me it looks like it would fit on one of those "soon" memes.
Nice setup. Care to share which monitors?
ASUS PB278q they are beautiful.
Gonna upgrade the sound soon? You've got amazing graphics, but it looks like you've still just got a logitec setup for audio.
Who cares? Honestly logitech 5.1's are pretty nice - I got (presumably the same setup) like fuckin 10 years ago for $80, and I still use them in my living room on my htpc. I have a 7.1 headset and pioneers with a receiver for studio monitors now, but only because I need them for studio work - otherwise the logitechs are plenty... I really don't see the need for anything crazier (especially since he has a headset also)
They look like ASUS PB278Qs.
That is WAY to fucking expensive for three monitors...1500 usd for three monitors...DAFUQ
That's actually quite a decent price, they are IPS PLS, 1440p and matte coated
They're actually PLS, basically the same as IPS though.
PLS, it has a few improvements over IPS.
Do people realize that this isn't technology that has been fully taken advantage of quite yet, and will probably be about 1/3 the price for the same monitors in like a year?
They're 1440p. Not unreasonable at all. You can get them for around $100 cheaper if you're willing to take a refrub. Otherwise, there are a plethora of Korean brands (QNIX, Catleap, Crossover, etc...) that are in the $300 range for a 1440p monitor.
Oh man. Sorry to hear. It took me one replacement before I got one that was completely functional. First one had broken controls just like yours. The second one was working fine, but had a bit of BL bleed on the top. Much less than the off-brand panels I have next to it so I kept it.
Such as....i could use a nice 300 1440[ monitor....
I already mentioned it. Search for those brands on eBay or Amazon and you will find them in that range. Inherently, they could have some short comings since they are reject panels that weren't up to scratch for their intended manufacturers, but unless you're doing professional work they are more than fine. You might have to pay slightly more for the assurance of a monitor without dead/bright pixels.
Here I am, drooling over 1 of those monitors and you have three. I am envious. With that being said, you have a mighty fine setup sir.
I thought my one of these was epic, now I want more!
What kind of horsepower is driving that in-home imax?
I added a third GTX 680 4GB to the array for this upgrade.
Are they all in SLI? thanks in advance, great set up, so much desktop realestate!
Yes they are. As I told another poster, I haven't used it to it's fullest potential yet.
Would it be possible to hook each monitor to one card and run them in surround that way? (Without SLI enabled) I've always wondered this. In that case, 3 lower end cards going to each on of my monitors could be pretty beastly. Then you only have to worry about each card handling one monitor and you would never max out your video ram since each card is only handling a single monitor by itself. Not combined with the other two powering all three as one large display, which uses up quite a large portion of memory.
I'm wondering this too. I don't know if it would be possible though, because I thought the point of SLI was to make the workload easier by sharing it, not splitting it?
My guess is that the chokepoint is the motherboard. most motherboards (unless it's x79) is x8/x8 and then maybe x8/x8/x8 or x8/x8/x4, which limits your bandwidth. that's the only limitation that i can think of.
I run 3 monitors with two non-SLI cards. I just threw in an old 9800GT I had lying around for the two 'peripheral' screens. And use a GTX 570 for the main screen.
Everybody loves my red ATH-M50's
I've got the same ones! Great headphones.
How do you like them? I am about to order some m50s! Do you recommend the straight cord or the coiled?
Coiled, straight will be like 9m long...
Amazing setup, incredibly jealous. Out of curiosity what advantages does a name brand monitor like this offer over the much cheaper, oerclockable korean monitors? Is the picture better as these aren't apple reject panels? thanks.
I have one of these monitors and it is beautiful! I'm thinking of picking up 2 more to run them in surround, but I'm curious as to what kind of numbers you're getting in your Tri-SLI setup. Are you running at 7860x1440 surround? If so, what does your FPS look like on some games you play?
I actually just got set up when I snapped this picture. I haven't even had a chance to play anything yet.
As long as you don't turn up 'texture quality' settings too much it should be fine. That's what most vram usage is from. As for other general quality settings you should be fine with SLI'd 780's
Do you just swim in your money sometimes like Scrooge Mcduck?
I have that same Minecraft poster. (the one on the right)
I can not find a 2560x1440 for under $400, so I assume those 3 monitors cost almost twice my entire setup....Bein poor blows lol.
Mouse/keyboard pad where can i get one?
Do you have issues waking those monitors from sleep with displayport? (If you use it...)
I like how you're using a deckmat for a mouse pad
I have that keyboard but I've never once used it's features or extra keys. Mind me asking if you do? And if so, how? lol
I just bought that Logitech keyboard! It's my first mechanical. How do you like yours?
Do anything cool with your G keys?
First thought: that's a lot of money... Second Thought: He needs a lot of power to run that many 1440 monitors and game... That's a lot of money...
All that money and only 60Hz.
I have this same monitor and I was able to over clock mine to 85 hz
Did you test it for frame skip?
When you run these on Nvidia surround, you can't get much higher than 60fps average with most SLI configurations.
Don't worry. The guy practically shills the Qnix/X-Star, and pretty much thinks everything else is shit.
I hardly ever use the speakers. They mostly act as an extension cable for the ATH-M50's

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