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Get Facebook on that 3rd screen too! TRIPLE FACEBOOK
Dont you dare suppress daft punk, motherfucker.
The calculator pushes it to a full 10/10
I just love the look of wasd keyboards.
Happy cakeday! Here, have my bookmark! Not because it's your cakeday, but because I like how your gaming setup looks :)
On a side note : For those who are interested in his keyboard, which is mechanical, can visit r/mechanicalkeyboards!
Random Access Memories. Oh, nice PC too.
DAFT PUNK! WOOHOO, awesome keyboard
Ssssssshhhh please no. I dont want to hear that!
Goddammit. I can't not hear it now.
You'd think that desk was a little crowded, but as an owner of the same CM Storm Trooper case, considering this man can fit it and 3 monitors on his desk, that is a MASSIVE FUCKING DESK.
I scrapped together every piece of furniture they gave me in my dorm room to make a giant desk. Its wonderful.
Actually thought it was one big desk until I read this now I see the spaces between the three pieces
Yeah no this is something i hobbled together :P
Nicely done haha, it's awesome that they all worked out to be the same height
The only thing I miss about my dorm room is the Giganto desk I could make by combining my Desk, Dresser, and Nightstand.
I appreciate your choice in backgrounds.
Gurl, that keyboard is so fab.
Mint, I have the exact same chair, nice !
Nah just a regular old TI-30x for accounting hw
I have that tower as well I changed the LEDs to green though. It Looks clean
Please excuse the cable management on the 6950, it was in there to test that it works.
Where did you get that keyboard!
CPU: i7 3930k @ 4.4
Bro I must know that beast case you're using.
Is the headset wireless? what kind?
The abilaty to shit on teamspeak is worth the price.
Who needs to Facebook on two monitors? I feel like you should upload a photo of you using all three monitors on a game.
Crazy keyboard. also, that mousepad is basically the entire desk!
Deleted my comment, you answered it here. I want a massive mousepad! haha ty.
Cable management could use some work but I LOVE your keyboard!
I actually just threw the 6950 in to test it so I didnt bother with cable management. Decided to use it for Litecoin mining so now its staying and I need to route its cables.
Can I ask where you got your keyboard from?
I'm so glad other people absent-mindedly open up facebook on multiple monitors. I always catch myself with it open on both of mine, and im glad nobody is around to point it out and laugh.
I always run with at least 60 tabs open, I forget whats on all of my monitors haha
That keyboard makes me gag.

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